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The world was shaking around him. No, he was shaking.

No, someone was shaking him.

Hermann. Shaking him. Also he was shaking, spasming, making sounds.

"Newt!" Hermann shouted again. He tore the squid cap off Newt’s head and slapped him hard.

Newt froze. The world fell into place around him again. He had two thoughts at once.

The first was that he had no idea how the Rangers could do this more than once. As for the second…he looked up at Hermann and said, “I was right.”

Then he slumped into unconsciousness.

Page 128 of the Pacific Rim novelization

Hermann finds Newt after his drift with the kaiju brain

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Gonna have to buy/read this for reference. 

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Self-taught chef Rhiannon over at Cakecrumbs has been working on a fun series of planetary cakes that are designed to be scientifically accurate with different types of cake representing various layers within Earth and Jupiter.

(This Is Colossal.)

Her cake game is strong.

This would be so fantastic if my future child were to turn this in as their solar system project.

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